Deadpool Assaults Weekend Box Office

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"A New Class Of Super Hero"

Assaulting the box office this weekend was "Deadpool", the X-Men spin off starring Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds stars as "Wade Wilson" a “dishonorably discharged Army Special Forces veteran” with "over 40 confirmed kills" turned mercenary. Reynolds hidden mutation gene transforms Wilson into Deadpool after a series of experiments gives him the “super power of accelerated healing”

Deadpool at its finest.

The Man Behind the Mask

Deadpool is an edgy super villain (with a unique way of expressing himself), on a quest to find the person responsible for his mutation. His plan is to reverse the damage that created the monster he has become and restore all to the lifestyle he once had.

Deadpool stops at nothing to discover the man who has taken his previous life from him. He blazes through the film narrating from start to finish in the most comical of voices. His flawless delivery and impeccable timing make for a lethal combination when narrating this film. Deadpool knows no filter when it comes to staying it exactly how it is. In most respects, he blurts out what everyone is thinking, but is too afraid to say.

Deadpool, Box Office Hit.

Box Office Tidal Waves

Just days after opening; it is evident that Deadpool has made quiet an impression among movie goers. So far profits are "allegedly claiming $150 million in its four-day debut", with a projection to make over "$190 million”. It is safe to say that audiences are agreeing with, and in many instances encouraging this films hilarity.


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