Supreme Drops 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

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Supreme Signature Box Logo

Supreme, one of streetwears most prominent brands in the industry releases its 2016 spring/summer collection. The latest release from New York's iconic skate brand includes an array of pieces ranging from t-shirts, hoodies, headwear, cut and sew tops, polos and accessories. It also features collaborations from Alessandro Mendini and Morrissey.

Supreme Morrissey Tee

Supreme's 2016 Spring/Summer T-Shirts

T-shirts are typically a vital component to Supreme's collections. They are a staple for the brand and create an outlet for collaborators and celebrities. In the past, Supreme has worked with a number of highlighted celebrities such as, Kate Moss, Neil Young and Mike Tyson. In the most recent celebrity t-shirt campaigns Supreme has teamed up with Morrissey. Although it was a controversial campaign, it seemed to be effective as usual. Supreme also released a diverse variety of t-shirts. "Elsewhere we see colorful motifs featuring psychedelic monkeys and strawberries amongst others". 

Supreme Motion Logo Hoody

Sweats and Hoodies

Supreme's motion logo has returned! It has been about 6 years since it last appeared and is now available in an assortment of colors for hoodies. The Motion Logo derives from the Italian-American mobster flick, Goodfellas. In addition, the Playboy icon has also been resurrected, and is available in a crew neck cross grain fleece and sweat shorts

Supreme Spring/Summer 2016 Headwear Collection

Supreme Headwear

Supreme's spring/summer 2016 collection supplies an assortment of snapbacks, bucket hats, new era caps, and 5 panel's. Starting the new year off with a refreshed selection of headwear featuring new patterns and fabrics. "Look for materials that include washed twill, velour, nylon camo and terry mesh. Many of which are adorned with Supreme's signature box logo". Supreme continues to stay true to its roots featuring its signature logo while also bringing back logos from the past.

Supreme Flannel Zip Up

Cut and Sew Tops and Polos

The latest cut and sew tops and polos from Supreme make for a unique addition to your wardrobe. Distinct prints and vibrant colors are perfect for peacocking with your summer vibes."We see an all-over Betty Boop shirt, love heart flannel and even a leopard print tank for the more eye-catching pieces". For those who prefer to be more low key and less daring I would suggest the denim and flannel zip shirts

Ceramic Mendini Gun Tray


New York's streetwear giant is back at it with its 2016 spring/summer collection of accessories. If you love sports and the outdoors Supreme has you covered, offering a Everlast punching bag, Spalding basketball and a checkerboard camping set. Alessandro Mendini's collaboration also contributed to Supreme's Ceramic Medini Trays including my favorite, the Ceramic Medini Gun Tray.


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