A$AP Rocky Presents Wavy Wednesdays

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Wavy Wednesdays

Wavy Wednesdays

A$AP Rocky presents Wavy Wednesdays. Ever the revolutionist, A$AP Rocky has made a public statement on Twitter promising the release of new music every Wednesday, calling this movement "Wavy Wednesday". The announcement came after a fan wrote on Twitter inquiring about A$AP releasing new music. The artist hit back saying "WE PUTTING OUT NEW MUSIC EVERY WEDNESDAY....WAVY WEDNESDAY'S". 

 According to sources, the Wavy Wednesday movement is already underway with the release of two new tracks from Playboi Carti (presumably seen as a promising new prospect for the A$AP team), and another from A$AP Ferg, as well as a video for A$AP Twelvyy's new single, "L.Y.B.B." So far the promise to deliver has managed to stay true, but as for the future, only time will tell if the Wavy Wednesday commitment will be kept. 


A$AP Mob 

The A$AP Mob, (as it is popularity referred to), was founded in 2006 in Harlem, New York. Most influential of the members include ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, and the late ASAP Yams. Other related members to the mob include, ASAP Nast, ASAP Twelvyy, and ASAP Ant.  

The mob members can be identified as a group of renaissance men, with skills and talents ranging from rappers, record producers, music video directors and fashion designers who share similar interests in music, fashion, style and art


A$AP Yams

The late great ASAP Yams played a vital role in the A$AP Mob movement. Yams is "also referred to as the heartbeat and brains behind the operation". Sadly on January 15th, 2015 ASAP Yams was pronounced dead in Brooklyn, NY. Without the creativity and empowerment from ASAP Yams, the A$AP Movement would not be recognized for what it is today. Although Yams is no longer with us, his vision and inspiration lives on through the music and influence of the A$AP Mob.

ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky

ASAP Rocky, also known as "Pretty Flocko" is one of the most recognized faces from the A$AP Mob. With the success of 2 consecutive debuted albums on the billboard 200, Rocky's success reigns on the A$AP Mob empire. His influence on hip hop and fashion has shifted culture and created a worldwide movement. Presenting fresh new music every week, Wavy Wednesdays is the hot innovation from A$AP Rocky. 





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