The Resurrection of Pastelle

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Kanye West Rocking the Pastelle Varsity Jacket

In streetwears most recent news we are lead to believe in the resurrection of Pastelle. For those unfamiliar, Pastelle is Kanye's forgotten brand from the early-mid 2000's, which emerged around the same time Kanye West released his album; The College Drop out. The line was cancelled before it hit shelves but its products still exist and can be found on Ebay. The collection consists of very few items, featuring a basketball hoop t-shirt, and varsity jackets. The brands torch will be passed to Kanye West's "creative consultant", Ian Connor.

Premium Pastelle Basketball Hoop T-Shirt

Is it possible for a brand such as Pastelle to survive in streetwears current evolving state, when so much change has occurred. 

The Resurrection of Pastelle

Survival in the Current Streetwear Landscape?

During the early-mid 2000's, streetwear resembled a different aesthetic in which it does today. Pastelle was a reflection based on the earlier stages of Kanye West's career and its influences. It represented an era of all over prints, vibrant colors and flamboyant graphics. Whether you were rocking a new era fitted cap, or a throwback jersey, you always had the kicks to match. I will be the first to admit that my color schemes were always on point but; as time goes on culture and influences evolve. Todays streetwear is very different from what it was 10 years ago. The loud aesthetics from streetwears past are no longer relevant. Now we see a toned down style of shredded jeans, over-sized tees and a dim color palette. In contrast to streetwears landscape, can Pastelle re-surface as a successful brand in 2016? Given the circumstances I believe it is very possible for it emerge in triumph. As fashion trends repeat themselves, the loud colors from the past will manifest once again.

Ian Connor

Ian Connor, the self acclaimed "King of the Youth"

 Ian Connor, self described as "The King of the Youth" is heavily recognized for his tasteful style in fashion. The 23 year old fashion guru has worked with multiple celebrities including Wiz Khalifa, Kylie Jenner, and A$AP Rocky. Ian Connors influence also played a major role in creativity for the Yeezy seasons. If there is one person to bring Pastelle back from the dead, its Ian Connor.



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