V4 New York- An Urban Take Over

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                         V4 New York in Bushwick, Brooklyn

  V4 and New York- A Melting Pot of Cultural Diversity  

With a city as diverse as New York it seems almost impossible to capture the essence of what makes it unique. In almost every direction throughout the 5 boroughs there is evidence to support New York City as a melting pot of cultural diversity, and a blending of identities and styles. One would imagine it's nearly impossible to observe every inch of what makes this city the greatest city in the world. However, V4 has committed to furthering its influence on today's youth by working to push the boundaries of its movement with respects to lifestyle apparel and taking on the task of a total New York take over through photography. 

V4 New York's Urban Take Over Movement in Bushwick, Brooklyn

V4 New York has decided to take on the task of observing the city for all its unique characteristics, and merging it with its own spin on streetwear. Following the legacy of New York brands such as Staple Pigeon, Supreme, and 10.Deep, V4 is launching a project which aims to find the heart of the the city's youth. 


Essex Street Classic

 V4 New York's Urban Take Over Mission 

Recently, V4 set out on a mission to capture (through photography) the essence of the cities diversity and its impact on the cities youth. The idea behind the project was to provide others with an insight on how V4 and New York City blend together to represent todays youth and their place, (or lack of) in this city we define as the concrete jungle.

V4 New York in Harlem, NY

V4 is determined to initiate a movement dedicated to reaching the youth of today to teach them to embrace breaking the barriers set up by social norms. The movement is aimed to encourage expression, creativity, self-identify, and works to defy what is socially acceptable and normal. 

Bronx, New York, The Birthplace of V4

Beginning in their place of origin; The Bronx , V4 held photo shoots in Parkchester, Pelham Parkway, Woodlawn Heights, and Wakefield to stress its beginnings. Next, V4 took the streets of Manhattan; the epicenter of fashion and style. Areas included the Lower East Side, Alphabet City, Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, Central Park and Essex Street. From there, V4 explored East Willamsburg/Bushwick in Brooklyn, closely examining the unique blend of gritty New York with influences of urban hipsters. 

                                            V4 New York's Urban Take Over     

What's Next for The V4 Movement? 

V4 plans to spread wide and far as it continues to take on the streets of New York to understand the heart of its youth and what makes them tick. We encourage anyone looking to join the movement to shout out some points of interests within the 5 boroughs that can be explored together. V4 is always looking to expand their horizons with respects to models and promoters. Follow v4 on Instagram at V4NewYork to watch as we take over the city and its youth.  


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