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V4 Clothing is a New York based street wear inspired brand founded by Michael Ventresca. V4 was established to influence young society to live an ambitious and positive lifestyle. Our mission is to provide an authentic and quality product at a limited supply. It is not just about a clothing line, but a way of life.

The Vision of a Street Wear Inspired Brand

V4 was created to inspire others to live out their dreams and pursue their goals. Achieving success is a significant aspect in many of our lives. Our vision is to inspire young people to stay motivated and achieve greatness. The culture of this street wear inspired brand is built on a foundation of positivity. A relentless and aspiring mindset is the key to triumph. The message of this street wear inspired brand is to influence the youth to believe in themselves and conquer their goals. Our unique designs reflect upon a positive lifestyle and the culture in which we live.

The mission at V4 is to create superior street wear and outstanding quality. It is important to dress with confidence and feel comfortable with what you are wearing; that is why at V4 we use the highest quality material and specified measurements for every cut. High grade premium fabrics and distinctive attributes establish the supreme caliber of this street wear inspired brand. Authenticity and originality is what makes V4 so unique. Our stylish and exclusive products are rare and incompatible to any other brand. We accommodate mens and women's fashion with the latest street wear at a limited supply.

New York has an immense impact on the development and style of this street wear inspired brand. V4 is heavily influenced by its culture and way of life. Strive to succeed in the city that never sleeps and rise above the rest.


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