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Mens Trademark Lines t-shirt, Graffiti in New York

V4 was created to showcase the art and designs of Michael Ventresca. It began in 2001 when the idea of starting a clothing line was just a dream. The culture of New York played a major role in the determination to build the brand. At a young age graffiti, and skateboard designs had a significant impact. It also influenced the style and expression of the art work. It wasn't until 13 years later when that dream became a reality.

Growing up around New York City made it easy to fall in love with graffiti. It is everywhere, whether you are driving on the parkway or taking the train. There is no way you could avoid it. Big bold letters with bright colors are very appealing to the eye. So appealing that it inspired me to be apart of it.The culture of New York's street art and designs had a major influence on my work and made it easy for me to express myself. It allows one to be unique and tell a story with every word and picture.

There was a time when skateboarding was everything. Choosing which deck you wanted was a thrill and the variety of companies were endless. Every brand had its own distinctive art and designs. This unique style of artwork motivated me to start drawing. Creating a brand became extremely desirable and the birth of inspiration began here.

The Art and Designs of V4 Clothing

The V4 logo consists of a V with an upside down 4 infused into it. When the V and the 4 connect they create a positive sign. Promoting positivity is a vital component of the brand. We believe that it is important to inspire other's to live a productive and ambitious lifestyle.

Art and designs express the purpose and vision of a brands direction. At V4 every design has meaning and reasoning behind it. The Trademark Lines logo may look like another simple form of art but it is much more than that. Like lines life can be a long and narrow mark of positives and negatives. The lines represent ones path through life and the experiences they must endure. The Sugar Skull may seem like a trendy and popular design to a variety of people. Many cultures perceive skulls to be a representation of death. At V4 we take a negative situation and make light of it. Without death there is no life. The skull celebrates life and the positivity that comes with it. The Trademark Leopard logo may be a familiar and commonly used print. To us it means much more than just an animal print. It symbolizes the importance of our inner animal to live wild and free.


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