Genesis Collection

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Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

The Genesis Collection

The Genesis Collection is the first release from V4. It accommodates both men and women with a variety of different articles of clothing. This release was designed to be worn all year around. It's comfortable and casual form of fashion can be worn for any occasion.

Genesis Collection Tank Top’s on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

The articles of clothing for the Genesis Collection are t-shirts, tank tops and snapbacks for both men and women. The materials used are all high quality 100% cotton premium fabrics.

Product Shot of the Men’s Trademark T-Shirt in White

Men's Collection

Men's garments include crew neck T-shirts and tank tops. Both pieces are cut and sew 100% cotton to keep cool when active or in hotter climates. The designs for the Genesis Collection are the Trademark Lines and Sugar Skull. The V4 Lines shirts have a variety of different colors. The first style of the Trademark Lines T Shirt is in black with an Aqua logo and white outline. The white shirt comes with a white logo and a red outline. The tank tops come in red and baby blue with white outlines. All Trademark Lines shirts include V FOUR printed on the back. The Sugar Skull t-shirts both come in black and white. The Sugar Skull design itself is in black and white which is located on the right side of the torso on the shirt. The left side of the T Shirt includes the V4 trademark towards the bottom corner in black or white depending on the the color of the shirt. The sugar skull tank tops also both come in black and white. The designs are located on the front with V FOUR printed on the back.

Women’s Sugar Skull Tank Top in Alphabet City, New York City.

Women's Collection

The women's attire include v-neck t shirts and two different style tank tops. The material is a soft and stretchy premium cotton fabric that is cut and sewn. The designs for the Genesis Collection are the Trademark Leopard and the Sugar Skull. The Trademark Leopard T-shirts come in black and white with the logo located on the front with V FOUR printed on the back(as all of the women's shirts have). The tank tops are fitted for a tighter cut. They include a pocket on the left breast with the Trademark leopard logo. The Sugar Skull T-shirts and tank tops both come in black and white with a more intricate and colorful skull. The tank tops are much looser with larger arm holes. This specified cut allows you to stay cool and comfortable at all times.

Product Shot of the New York Script Snapback in black and white.

Product Shot Trademark snapback in black and red.


The snapbacks come in two different designs for men and women. The Trademark snapback is all black with a red brim and snap. The Trademark is located on the front of the hat in white and red 3D embroidery. Both hats include V4 embroidered in white on the back left side of the hat with a woven stitched tag. The New York Script is all black with a white snap. New York is located on the front of the hat in white 3D embroidery.

Men’s and Women’s Sugar Skull Hoody in Black.

Zip Down Hoodies and Long Sleeves

The Zip Down Hoodies and Long Sleeve's are both cut and sew premium quality 100% cotton. The Hoodies for men and women are almost identical despite one minor discrepancy. They are both black with the black and white Sugar Skull on the back. They also have "V FOUR" in white on the top of the hood in traditional tattoo font. On the bottom left pocket on the front of the hoody is a woven stitched tag with the V4 logo in black and white. The only difference between these hoodies is that on the mens the zipper and drawstrings are white, where as the women's they are black. The only long sleeve shirt that was released was the women's Sugar Skull in charcoal with white stitching. The women's colorful Sugar Skull is located on the front of the shirt with a woven stitched V4 logo on the left cuff.


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