Converse Chuck Taylor II Release

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Converse Chuck Taylor II Converse Unveils The Chuck Taylor II.

After Receiving a makeover in terms of comfort and fit, the Converse Chuck Taylor II is set to be released on July 28th, 2015. Little is know about the specifications of this All Star Classic, but it looks like there have been some fresh new changes and additions. The result of these changes is a more luxurious product than the original form.

 History on Chuck Taylor

Whether you call them "Chucks", "Cons" or "All Stars", Chuck Taylors are an iconic sneaker that has been worn throughout history. In 1917 they were introduced as basketball sneakers. The name "Chuck Taylor came from Converse sales representative and basketball player Charles Hollis "Chuck" Taylor.  " For generations, these classic colors and quality vulcanized rubber sole have defined an icon. Born on the court but adopted by rebels, rockers, rappers, artists, dreamers, thinkers and originals, the Chuck Taylor All Star continues to celebrate personal style and individual self-expression". The simple construction of this sneaker design is known for its cotton canvas and use other materials such as leather and rubber. The Converse Chuck Taylor is living proof that simplicity is key.

Converse Chuck Taylor II Converse Unveils The Chuck Taylor II.

Chuck Taylor II

The Converse Chuck Taylor II may not have changed much in terms of its appearance but then again why change such an iconic and original design. The notable changes include "Nike's Lunarlon foam cushioning and extra arch support". This will make for more comfort and support on the bottom of your foot. It also appears that the canvas has been made of thicker material, known as "perforated micro-suede liner" to provide for a more robust build. They also implemented a non slip tongue which has been made much thicker compared to the flimsy tongue in the past.

Converse Chuck Taylor II Converse Unveils The Chuck Taylor II.

Although Nike has made improvements to its legendary design this comfortable and luxurious fit is an option. You will still be able to purchase the original Chuck Taylor All star shoe as well. The Chuck Taylor II will be available in black, white, red and blue. High tops will cost $75 and low tops will be $70.

Images: Converse, and Sneaker News.


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