8 Reasons Why Skateboarding is the Best Hobby

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Skateboarding is one of the most exciting and creative action sports. Not only is it a recreational activity but also a form of art. It is fun, exhilarating and can be very beneficial in many ways. It helps build character, maintain ones health, and can even put money in your pockets. You can cruise around for fun or join competitions and make a living out of it. Still not convinced that skateboarding is the best hobby? Here are some reasons why.


Skateboarding makes it easy to meet new people. When you go to skateparks, and skate spots you come in contact with some really cool people. Skateboarders are very friendly and are always encouraging each other to have a good time.  The skateboarding community is also known for its support for one another. A young skateboarder by the name of Isaac Miller passed away last year. Marc Landry, a long time skateboarder came up with the idea to raise money for a memorial skatepark in Isaacs name. Camaraderie between one another builds relationships. These friendships create outlets in life and can open many doors to opportunities.

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a significant aspect in many of our lives. Physical activity and exercise promotes a healthy heart and enhances your over all health. Skateboarding does not only strengthen your cardiovascular system but also provides flexibility and increases coordination. It includes a full body workout by using your legs to push, and your arms and core to help keep your balance. It also helps fight obesity by burning calories and building muscle.

Builds Character

Throughout our lives we are constantly building character. It makes us who we are and better prepares us for what may come our way. Skateboarding requires patience and hard work. It is not an easy sport to master. One will fall multiple times before they can get the gist of it. Getting up from your falls is what makes you who you are. This mind set not only exists in sports but translates through out life as well.

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Rewards provide one with self recognition, confidence and fulfillment. When you land a trick that you have been practicing for hours it makes you feel good. Accomplishments are what drive us forward in life to achieve more.

Positive Influence

Skateboarding is more than just an action sport. It helps keep kids off the streets and from making poor decisions. It provides our youth with goals and objectives throughout life.

Skateboarding through Long Beach Island, New Jersey with V4 Clothing


What hobby do you know that can actually take you where you need to be? Skateboarding is not just a fun activity but also a means of transportation. It saves money and prevents pollution.

Stress Reliever

Skateboarding provides us with a sense of freedom and a stress free attitude. This physical activity allows the mind to run free and forget about your problems. It also releases endorphins which helps fight depression and anxiety.

Skateboarding Jobs

Jobs provide us with responsibility and stability. Skateboarding creates jobs in many different areas. Whether you are becoming a professional skateboarder, opening a skate shop or teaching skateboarding. If you love what you do its not a job its fun.


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