Skateboarding and Surfing for the 2020 Olympics

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Skateboarding and Surfing may be set for the Olympics 2020.

Skateboarding and surfing may be joining the olympics in Tokyo in 2020. It has been a long time coming for these sports and is about time that we see them be apart of such an exceptional event.

5 Sport List

A list of 5 sports has been made by the Additional Event Programme Panel.  The list includes karate, baseball/softball and climbing along with skateboarding and surfing. "It has become the first ever organising committee to be given this unique opportunity to contribute to the design of the Olympic Programme, thanks to Olympic Agenda 2020". If the International Olympic Committee decides to follow through with these new sports it will result in 18 new events and 474 more athletes.  The final decision will be made by the IOC during August in 2016.

Skateboarding and Surfing may be included in the olympics in 2020.

Skateboarding and Surfing

If skateboarding and surfing are entered into the 2020 olympics it will make history. This significant milestone will be a day to remember for these two sports. They are both an immense part of today's youth sports and will continue to grow and be recognized throughout the world. "This package of events represents both traditional and emerging, youth-focused events, all of which are popular both in Japan and internationally. The skateboarding event will be held in park and street. As for surfing it will be held in a highly advanced surf park with man made waves. "International Surfing Association hailed its short listing as a "milestone" as it looks to create new surf parks". 

The IOC's consideration for skateboarding and surfing is an outstanding accomplishment. If these two sports get elected to take the stage at the Olympics in 2020 it will be an absolute game changer. It is a great opportunity for the sports but also the athletes who participate. It will help engage our youth and open up a new dimension to the games. With less than a year until the official announcement we look forward to the decision of the IOC.

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