Fashion Trends of 2015

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Fashion Trends of 2015

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends are constantly changing throughout the years. In 2015 there were an assortment of different styles and fads. From ripped denim to the washed and worn out look, these trends have become extremely popular. It seems that every year the direction of fashion alternates. One year all black is in and the next year pink is. Whether the latest accessories include baseball caps or pins there is always something new in demand.

Ripped Denim Jeans

Ripped Denim

Ripped and torn denim has returned from the 90's. Whether its ripped jeans or torn denim jackets if you are a fan of streetwear you probably rocked it. The grunge era started with Kurt Cobain and now even has rappers joining the movement.

Washed and Worn Out

Washed and Worn Out Look

Washed and worn out fabrics hit the streets when Kanye West released his collection of YEEZY Clothing. The fashion world went into an uproar and the hype began to erupt. Kanye's first two collections appeared as an unfinished and distressed look of fabric. The latest fashion trends from Kanye have become a contender for style and may be around for some time.

Polo Cap

Baseball Caps

One of streetwear's latest accessory fashion trends this year were the baseball caps. Not your traditional fitted hat, but the polo cap also known as the "dad cap". With a vast assortment of styles of diverse caps, will this one survive in 2016?

Wiz Khalifa Wearing Pink Wiz Khalifa Wearing Pink

More Pink Less Black

The past couple years in fashion black on black seemed to be the color to wear. Now that the funeral fashion trends are over, pink has become the hottest color in 2015. Its an eye popping color that turns heads and stands out in the crowd.


Pin Craze

In 2015 the pin craze has emerged as one of the most popular fashion trends. Whether you are pinning your vest, jacket or hat its a great addition to a distinct style. They are easy and fun and have become an accessory for expression. Pins are also a great way to add to your outfit without spending too much money.


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