Supreme and Louis Vuitton: Shifting the Culture of Fashion

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Louis Vuitton X Supreme Trunk

The lines between streetwear and luxury clothing have officially crossed with the latest release from Supreme and Louis Vuitton. While Supreme is better known for work with companies like Nike, North Face, and Vans, this time the iconic streetwear company teamed up with luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, for a ground-breaking collaboration that could be a glimpse into the future of streetwear. 

Supreme & Louis Vuitton Jacket Collaboration

Bobby Hundreds' Reaction to the Latest Collaboration

The reception of Supreme and Louis Vuitton's latest collaboration has become one of the most controversial topics in the realm of fashion. Highsnobiety recently interviewed a panel of fashion figures to get their opinion on the collection projected to be released July 17, 2017. Bobby Hundreds, the founder of The Hundreds, stated, “It’s the best thing Supreme and LV have ever done, and it’s the worst thing they could’ve done for their legacies – it’s everything and nothing.”  This one of a kind collection is set to hit the runway, opening the door for a market that has been significantly ignored by both respective worlds for years. 

Supreme X Louis Vuitton Bag

What is the Future of Streetwear?

Now that we’ve seen the blend between streetwear and luxury brands, the future is wide open. Could this be the beginning of the luxury streetwear industry? For years, fashion has been one dimensional but now there is no telling what may come next.


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